However the effect os “phantom” messages isn’t prooven: advertisers, army, politician, and psychologists were trying this method of influence with various results.

Some facts with subliminal messages:
New York psychologist Lloyd H. Silverman ran a series of tests throughout the 1960s on the effects of subliminal messages on people with depression. One test group looked at a photo while the phrase “Destroy Mother” was quickly and repetitively flashed on its surface. A second group was exposed to the same image, this time with the words “People Thinking.” Neither group consciously perceived either message.
Nonetheless, the effects of the subliminal messaging were seen later in the experiment, as the first group’s depression increased but the second group’s depression did not change.
It didn’t take long for advertising agencies to realize that the use of the “extra information” that Vicary and Silverman dabbled with was particularly applicable to their industry, and they were pleased to discover that the hidden message did not even have to relate directly to the product they were selling.

During World War II, tacticians found that pilots and gunners were unable to distinguish the silhouettes of planes seen at a distance. In some instances, pilots and gunners even shot down “friendly” planes. To solve this problem, Air Force psychologists developed the tachistoscope, which is simply a machine that flashes words, numbers or images for varying instants of time on a visible screen. By flashing fairly large pictures of friendly and enemy aircraft at slow speeds, while gradually increasing the exposure speed and decreasing the size of the aircraft image, pilots could be quickly trained to recognize even speck-like representations of different planes when flashed at only 1/100th of a second. In fact, U.S. Navy ship gunners were trained to identify more than 2,000 silhouettes at one sitting without a mistake.
It was also a case with words “Join the Army” shown in cinemas during movie. It happened in time of Vietnam War.

PORTLAND, Maine (CNN) — Two Democratic senators have asked the Federal Communications Commission for an “immediate and impartial” review of the Republican National Committee’s controversial “RATS” ad, according to sources in Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign.
A political stir erupted Tuesday when it was discovered that if the ad was slowed down, the word “RATS” appeared clearly while an announcer criticized Gore’s prescription drug plan as one in which “Bureaucrats Decide.”
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